Fabinho on father, grandfather, son Shankly grows into a shooting star

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Liverpool midfielder Fabinho is set to become a red flag when wife Rebecca Tavares announced she is pregnant with her son. He even pleaded with the sanctuary of Anfield that if the heir was a good footballer, he would be better than his father.

The Brazilian footballer has been married for many years and has not released her pregnancy. Until the beginning of the summer of 2022 , I gave good news that the birth was around this winter.  

Of course, the new unfamiliar status creates some nervousness for the 28 – year -old star, but the baby is certainly a Scouser , cutting blood as the Kop . I wish to be famous for scoring ufabet goals.

“ I can only hope he is more offensive than his father , scores a bit more goals than his father. That would be a better player than me, ” Fabinho said during the camp in Austria.  

“ I’m very happy. Maybe he doesn’t like football. But of course if the son goes to Anfield to watch the game – there’s no way he won’t fall in love with football. ” 

“ Of course it has to be a Liverpool fan , little Scouser. And I hope to be a better player than his father !” 

“ For me and my wife We are very fond of children. It’s the best news of my life. Really happy with this news. ”  

‘ Fab ‘ has four more years left on his Liverpool contract , and if he’s full, his son should be able to attend a childcare center on Merseyside.