What is Pokdeng online fun to play?

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Pokdeng online is fun to play. It is a card counting game. to measure the result of losing or winning Use 1 standard deck of cards, excluding Joker cards, a popular game because it’s easy to play, easy to understand, doesn’t require a lot of practice. It takes time to learn and understand quickly. can start playing immediately make this kind of card game It has never dropped in popularity. Because they can really play at any age. You can only add numbers.

How to play Pokdeng online game

How to play the poker game  Rules of play that everyone should know For newbies and experts Playing Pokdeng ufabet is not as difficult as you think. Let’s see what’s there.

  • All players are dealt 2 cards each.
  • Each round will be distribute 1 card until everyone is complete. The last one is the dealer.
  • then count the card points If the points are lower than 4 points bounce, call more cards.
  • If more, it depends on the decision of each person.
  • In this style of playing cards, all players will only measure their points against the dealer.

The card counting is as follows:

  • A is equal to 1 point.
  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 is equal to the point of that number.
  • 10 JQK equals 10 total points.

Adding numbers and counting points will only count the unit digits.

For example, K + 9 is counted as 9 points

the most points in the game are 9 and 8, respectively
, in which the sum of 2 cards wins 3 cards. In the case of 9 points equal, call 2 cards as Pok 9 and 3 cards as 9 back.

A game that brings bounce to the mix


The number 1 money making game that many people must have heard of or have played before. Because the basics of playing baccarat or this type of betting game rely on purely counting points, but playing baccarat doesn’t need to play cards or hold the cards themselves. Just choose to bet on which side has the closest 9 points.