Lingard fell into the jungle for ambition, not money

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Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard has open up about choosing to work with the English Premier League rookie because of his ambition to succeed. Find it not to care that it pays a high wage.

  ‘ Jess ‘ was cursed by a West Ham supporter he was given the opportunity to reincarnate in the second half of the 2020-21 season for trying to persuade the free agent to join the London Stadium, but was rejected because Wages are lower than expected.

Wrong with ‘ The Jungle ‘ guaranteed for £ 115,000 – per – week throughout the one year contract. It was also placed as the core of head coach Steve Cooper’s team.  

Will Miltiadis Marinakis, the son of the owner of the Forest club, persuade him to sell another ambitious project? As a result, the 29 – year-old ended up at the City Ground.  

“ The owners of the Forest ufabet Club have shown their love for me from the beginning. And every time we discuss. They are determine to make the best deal. And I liked the enthusiasm that made the offer. ” An open mouth with ‘ Forrest TV ‘ .

“ As a player , that kind of expression is what we need. Plus, the owner of the team wants you again , indicating that he loves and intends to want me to come together here. ” 

“ To head coach Cooper, you know how to coach the whole team. Been doing it for many years. ” 

“ When you shake the mix of young and experienced players, That is the perfect result. ”

Lingard was targeted by ‘ Known Hammer ‘ fans by Match Day #2 visiting City Ground, will throw ‘ Jess ‘ in front of Bank Camo , expressing his disappointment at being awarded the national team’s degree. England ignored